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Informatics Institute in the media

Researchers and students of the Informatics Institute regularly appear on radio, TV or the internet to present their research and its applications, and to use their expertise to indicate the news. This is an overview of media appearances and articles in newspapers, magazines and other (online) publications.

Ivana Išgum and Clarisa Sánchez Gutiérrez on predicting a heart attack with AI
26 January 2023 - NL ICT & Health

Christian Schaffner comments on a multi-million dollar commercial investment in quantum computing
24 January 2023 - NL Het Financieele Dagblad

Security researcher Matthijs Koot, handed valuable info to NCSC
Security researcher Matthijs Koot, also guest researcher at the Complex Cyber Infrastructure (CCI) group presented the NCSC, national cyber center, with a list of all organizations in the Netherlands that are vulnerable to hacks.
14 January, 2023 - NL De Volkskrant

More media attention for AI program ROBUST, led by the UvA with program leader Maarten de Rijke
23 January 2023 - NL Emerce
23 January 2023 - NL Maakindustrie
19 January 2023 - NL Rijksoverheid
17 January 2023 - NL Het Parool
16 January 2023 - NL Engineers Online
16 January, 2023 - NL Dutch IT Channel
13 January, 2023 - NL Computable
12 January 2023 - NL Engineeringnet
11 January, 2023 - NL Dutch Digital Delta
11 January, 2023 - NL Innovation Origins

Media attention for AI program ROBUST, an ICAI initiative, led by the UvA with program leader Maarten de Rijke
10 January, 2023 - NL NH Nieuws
10 January, 2023 - NL Het Parool
10 January, 2023 - NL Emerce
10 January, 2023 - NL NWO

What is CHATGPT already used for?
Maarten de Rijke, among others, comments on ChatGPT
11 January, 2023 - NL Friesch Dagblad
09 January, 2023 - NL NRC

Honorary doctor Chris Manning: 'Language models write credibly, but not necessarily the truth'
09 January, 2023 - NL Folia

Improved facial recognition on phones still not 100% secure, say experts
Cybersecurity expert Cees de Laat comments.
07 January, 2023 - EN The Brussels Times
27 December, 2022 - NL De Morgen

Criticism? It’s the dose that makes the poison
Arnold Smeulders is quoted in this article.
01 January, 2023 - EN Times of Malta

A majority in the House of Representatives wants to ban deepfakes in certain cases
Theo Gevers comments on a ban on deepfakes.
16 December, 2022 - NL