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Recognizing deepfake
How can a consumer recognize which images are real and which are deepfake? Zeno Geradts explains deepfakes and gives six tips on how to recognize them.
02 May 2024 - NL Algemeen Dagblad
02 May 2024 - NL via LexisNexis

AI has a high risk of mediocrity
Interview with Maarten de Rijke.
17 April 2024 - NL MT/Sprout

The new mourning
Theo Gevers about the use of deepfake therapy for grieving and sexual trauma.
28 March 2024 - NL NPO-Focus (starting at 14:49)

Secret logout codes from thousands of alarm systems can be retrieved due to a software error
BNR asked independent experts to verify the leak.
"I am shocked by the scale," says security researcher Matthijs Koot (IvI CCI group) of Secura.
17 April 2024 - - NL BNR

Reflection on the Symposium 'Strong against sarcopenia and obesity: the synergy of nutrition and exercise'
With a contribution of Somaya Ben Allouch.
11 April 2024 - EN ZonMW

How AI can improve ecosystems
At AG Connect's AI Day, Sander Klous will provide practical conditions and tools to use AI to correctly obtain the necessary insights into these increasingly complex ecosystems.
09 April 2024 - NL  AGConnect

Smart glasses flop for consumers but flourish in healthcare
Google Glass, the smart glasses introduced by Google in 2014, seems to have died a quiet death. But the opposite seems to be happening in healthcare, observes UvA-IvI doctoral student Niek Zuidhof, who researched the medical applications of the smart glasses. “Technology is often used in a different way than it was originally intended.” Zuidhof is supervised by Somaya Ben Allouch  and Peter-Paul Verbeek, current UvA rector-magnificus.
03 April 2024 - EN Folia

New therapies against blindness
Researchers from Amsterdam UMC will develop new treatments against blindness within a large Dutch collaboration.
The Lifelong Vision project will receive 22 million euros from the NWO Zwaartekracht program for this purpose. Clarissa Sanchez's group participates in this project.
01 April 2024 - NL Blik op nieuws

Chatbot Claude challenges ChatGPT and gets billions from Amazon
ChatGPT is no longer the smartest chatbot. The latest version of Claude, the chatbot from the company Anthropic, now tops the Huggingface rankings, which are often cited by scientists and analysts. Cees Snoek is mentioned in this article.
29 March 2024 - NL Financieel Dagblad

Nearly 22 million for Dutch cybersecurity research
Cybersecurity is one of the seven research areas in which the Ministry of Education and Science (OCW) is investing a total of 160 million euros. In the context of the Zwaartekracht program, top scientists who unite in consortia can conduct groundbreaking research over the next ten years. Christian Schaffner is one of the co-applicants.
28 March 2024 - NL Connect

Text to video, the new AI hype, how does it work?
The program Sora takes text-to-video to a new level.
"It is a huge step forward," says Theo Gevers.
16 March 2024 - NL De Volkskrant

ChatGPT maker once again surprises friends and foes with AI film factory Sora
Marcel Worring  contributed to this article. 
23 February 2024 - NL Financieel Dagblad

Financial AI: You can actually explain algorithms better than human decisions
Transparency and explainability, which are often emphasized, are, according to professor Sander Klous, a smaller factor than user experiences.
29 February 2024 - NL Controllers Magazine

KPMG employee receives his PhD for research into AI in accountancy
KPMG's Marcel Boersma successfully defended his dissertation on February 23, in which he presented research on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in accountancy. Promoters Drona Kandhai and Alfons Hoekstra.
26 February 2024 - NL Accountant

Jumbo uses cameras and software, among other things, to recognize deviating customer behavior
Cees Snoek is sceptical.
22 February 2024 - NL Foodpersonality

The focus with AI is on costs and efficiency, also look at the social side
Artificial intelligence can be used in a much more socially intelligent way than is currently the case, says researcher Sennay Ghebreab.
21 February 2024 - NL MT/sprout

Experts see practical hurdles in using AI against shoplifting
Jumbo's plan to use artificial intelligence (AI) against shoplifting is met with skepticism from experts including Cees Snoek.
20 February 2024 - NL FD via LexisNexis

Increase the self-reliance of people with dementia
Somaya Ben Allouch in the context of increasing the self-reliance of people with dementia.
19 February - NL Amstelveens Nieuwsblad

AI will make WhatsApp fraud much easier
Maarten Sukel became inspired by the power of artificial intelligence.
17 February 2024 - NL RTL Nieuws

Harro Stokman about an AI application for elderly care
An article about Kepler Vision Technologies, the UvA startup based on a smart sensor that can call for help if an elderly person falls at home. Former UvA-IvI scientist Harro Stokman, one of the founders of the company, talks about the choice to set up a company around an AI application aimed at elderly care
15 February 2024 - NL FD via Lexis Nexis

AI helps chemists develop new, sustainable materials
This article also refers to the pioneering work of Max Welling on so-called graph neural networks.
06 February 2024 - NL Emerce

Financial employee in Hong Kong pays 24 million after video call with deepfake
Theo Gevers comments on this.
06 February 2024 - NL De Volkskrant

Can we still trust anything, now that every video or image can be a deepfake?
Quest talking to NFI expert and UvA-IvI professor Zeno Geradts
02 February 2024 - NL Quest

Media attention for ELSA recognition to AI for Health Equity lab
The AI for Health Equity lab focuses on research for an equitable application of AI technology in healthcare. Researchers from the University of Amsterdam, together with others, started this lab that has now been awarded ELSA (Ethical, Legal and Societal Aspects) status.
25 January 2024 - NL ICT/magazine

We need to invest in a national AI infrastructure now. Opinion article by Maarten de Rijke, Cees snoek a.o.
To avoid losing the battle for generative AI to dominant players such as America and China, the Netherlands must invest like a hare in an AI infrastructure. For our safety and economic security, argue concerned scientists from three universities.
18 January 2024 – NL Volkskrant
22 January 2024 - EN Amsterdam AI

Interview with Maarten de Rijke and Anna Salomons (UU) on AI and its impact on jobs
For some people it is a nightmare, for others a relief. More and more professional sectors are using artificial intelligence to make work more efficient.
17 January 2024 – NL Een Vandaag

Experts surprised by the use of AI techniques by the police
The police are experimenting with facial recognition technology, while there are hardly any rules for it. That surprises experts among them Zeno Geradts, forensic researcher at NFI and professor at IvI/MultiX.
05 January 2024 - NL NOS Nieuwsuur

More accessible medical imaging with AI
The staff shortage and the growing demand for care force all areas within healthcare to look for new, innovative and technically supported (digital) solutions. One of those areas is medical imaging, and in particular the assessment of medical images. A consortium led by AmsterdamUMC will work on a solution to this specific problem. AI, or artificial intelligence, must play an important role in this. Ivana Isgum, professor at Amsterdam UMC and IvI/qurAI, comments.
27 December 2023 - NL ICT&Health

Clarisa Sánchez Gutiérrez in the FD about medical AI
Het Financieel Dagblad has an extensive interview with Clarisa Sánchez Gutiérrez, professor at IvI/qurAI, Quantitative Healthcare group. In the piece she talks about the added value of using AI in medical practice, the major steps that have been taken in recent years, and what can still be improved.
23 December 2023 - NL Het Financieele Dagblad

Marcel Worring in De Volkskrant about temporarily taking AI database Laion offline
The large and widely used AI database Laion has been temporarily taken offline after researchers discovered that it contained more than a thousand child abuse images. Painful, because AI companies use the image bank to train their models. De Volkskrant has an article about it. Marcel Worring (IvI/MultiX) comments; he praises the move offline, but also believes that the organization is at fault.
21 Decemberr 2023 - NL De Volkskrant

Data leaks without hacking
When you think of data breaches involving the data of hundreds of millions of people, you may think of ingenious hackers who managed to circumvent advanced security. But a number of recent massive data breaches had nothing to do with security breaches.
Matthijs Koot researcher at IvI/CCI comments.
18 December 2023 - NL NOS nieuws

Yen-Chia Hsu in documentary air pollution
Yen-Chia Hsu, assistant professor at IvI/MultiX appears in a short documentary and an article with respect to his previous air pollution research in Pittsburgh, when he was a PhD student.
The story is from 00:08 to 11:40.
15 December 2023 - NL/EN EenVandaag, Avro/Tros
15 December 2023 - NL EenVandaag, Avro/Tros