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About the Informatics Institute

The mission of the Informatics Institute is to perform curiosity-driven and use-inspired fundamental research and to train talent by high-quality academic education in diverse areas of informatics. Our research involves complex information systems focusing on collaborative, data driven, computational and intelligent systems in four research themes: Artificial Intelligence, Computational Science, Data Science, and Systems and Networking.

Prof Alfons Hoekstra, professor of Computational Science & Engineering
Prof. Alfons Hoekstra Director, Informatics Institute

We prefer to select specific topics and pursue them from methods in informatics and engineering, rather than make a choice for fundamental versus engineering science. As part of our research mission, we maintain strategic multi-disciplinary research links inside and outside the University of Amsterdam.


Research sections

The Informatics Institute is structured in sixteen research groups and a lecturers group:

  • AI & Health - Prof. Clarisa S├ínchez
  • AI4Science - i.o.
  • AMLAB: Amsterdam Machine Learning Lab - Prof. Max Welling
  • CCI: Complex Cyber Infrastructure - Prof. Cees de Laat
  • CSL: Computational Science Lab - Associate Prof. Mike Lees
  • CV: Computer Vision - Prof. Theo Gevers
  • Human Factors i.o.
  • IRLab: Information Retrieval Lab - Prof. Evangelos Kanoulas
  • INDElab: INtelligent Data Engineering Lab - Prof. Paul Groth
  • LTL: Language  Technology Lab - Associate Prof. Christof Monz
  • MULTIX: Multimedia Analytics - Prof. Marcel Worring
  • MNS: MultiScale Networked Systems - Associate Prof. Paola Grosso
  • PCS: Parallel Computing Systems - Prof. Andy Pimentel
  • SIAS: Socially Intelligent  Artificial Systems - Associate Prof. Sennay Ghebreab
  • TCS: Theory of Computer Science - Dr Alban Ponse
  • VIS: Video & Image Sense Lab - Prof. Cees Snoek
  • LG: Lecturers group - Hans Dekkers, MSc