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Ethical code

Until very recently, ethical discussions were only relevant to fields of research in which research is conducted on humans, such as medicine and some social sciences. However, due to the increased involvement of humans as in (in)direct research objects in the Information Sciences (IS), these ethical discussions are also becoming important in this field. 

To guarantee the integrity of the researches and their research, a framework within to work is necessary to guarantee the quality and social relevance of research conducted under the umbrella of the Informatics Institute. A framework where the legal and ethical aspects of research need to be examined before, during and after the project.

This will be done by the Ethical Committee for Information Sciences (ECIS), which is part of the Institute for Information Sciences of the University of Amsterdam.

Additionally contextual information can be found in the KNAW publication (see the links below).


  • dr. J.R. van Ossenbruggen (CWI) (chair a.i.)
  • A. Vreeken Msc (UvA) (Secretary)
  • J. van Ginkel Msc (UvA)
  • dr. P.S. Cesar (CWI)
  • prof.dr. H. Bos (VU)
  • dr. M.C.A. Klein (VU)
  • M. Leenen (UvA, office of Law)



New cases/requests must be sent to the secretary of the ECIS committee, enclosed with Appendix II of the Handbook version 1.2.



Secretary ECIS