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Bachelor and master students of the Informatics Institute received awards, published the results of their research and appeared in the media. A selection.


Information Studies Master’s students Rajeev Kalloe, Priya Jogie, Damian den Ouden, Priyanka Singh and Fajar Fathurrahman, predict traffic density at public transport stations. March 2021, news item.

AI student Janne Spijkervet helps to make a music hit with the help of smart algorithms. January 2021, media NPO3 Zapp.


Master Student AI Joeri Sleegers wins best paper award at ECTA 2020. December 2020, award.

Young Talent Incentive Award for Erik Buis student computer science and technical computer science. November 2020, award.

AI alumnus Sindy Löwe wins KNVI Thesis Prize for Informatica and Informatiekunde. Sindy also won the UvA thesis prize 2020 for her graduation work. And at the NeurIPS conferencere she received one of the six 'outstanding new directions paper awards'. November 2020, award & thesis prize.

AI-Bachelor student Marleen de Jonge publishes two papers at confenernces on Plant Propagation Algorithm. Paper April & September 2020.

Collaboration between Reitze Jansen, master artificial intelligence and Yannick Vinkesteijn, master computational scienc, supervised by Daan van den Berg, leads to GECCO-publication. July 2020, publication.

AI students Joerie Sleegers, Richard Olij, Gijs van Horn, supervised by Daan van den Berg, publish paper about a flaw in famous study on Traveling salesman problem. July 2020, paper.

AI Song Contest. Master’s student Janne Spijkervet. April 2020, news item & media.

An Idea From Physics Helps AI See in Higher Dimensions. Publication of Taco Cohen, master student AI and reserachers Maurice Weiler, Berkay Kicanaoglu and Max Welling. January 2020, publication.

Computer model describes essential step of embryonic development, graduation project by Maarten van der Sande and supervised by Jaap Kaandorp, computational biologists. January 2020, publication.


Wouter Vrielink, Master's student in Computational Science, publishes thesis on 'Fireworks Algorithm versus Plant Propagation Algorithm' at ECTA2019. November 2019, publication.

Anthi Symeonidou, data science master student, won the best poster award about 'Identifying Adverse drug reactions with machine learning' at SEMANTiCS 2019. October 2019, award.

CBS  (Statistics Netherlands) publish research resultes on fair algorithms of master's student AI Rik Helwegen. August 2019, news item & CBS.

Bram van den Akker, MSc AI student, wins the best short paper award for  the paper 'ViTOR: Learning to Rank Webpages based on Visual Features' at The Web Conference 2019. May 2019, award.

Artificial Intelligence Master's students Luca Falorsi, Pim de Haan and Tim Davidson present their research on 'Reparameterizing distributions' at leading Machine Learning conference. February 2020, presentation.