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Informatics Institute in the media

Researchers and students of the Informatics Institute regularly appear on radio, TV or the internet to present their research and its applications, and to use their expertise to indicate the news. This is an overview of media appearances and articles in newspapers, magazines and other (online) publications.

UvA AI software spin-off Sightcorp acquired by American Raydiant
Sightcorp, founded by Theo Gevers and Roberto Valenti, has been acquired by Raydiant from San Francisco.
18 January, 2022 - NL
14 January, 2022 - EN Silicon canals
13 January, 2022 - NL
22 January 2022 - EN India Education Dairy

Trust in analytics is crucial
How can we learn to rely more on algorithms? According to Sander Klous, transparency and explainability, which are often emphasized, are a smaller factor than user experiences: trust comes when we experience the effect of analytics and see the results.
10 January, 2022 - NL Controllers Magazine

Sennay Ghebreab on 'the reference man'
Sennay Ghebreab was a guest on the television program M to talk about the new documentary series “Reference Man”.
Reference man - NL article BNNVARA
Just about everything around us is made for the standard, reference man – or what the makers experience as 'standard'. But what if you don't comply?
06 January, 2022 - NL KRO/NCRV tv program M

Sezer Karaoglu about AI software that can give models new outfits and poses
Newly presented AI software can, based on one photo, depict a person in a different body position or with different clothing. Sezer Karaoglu, who in addition to being a postdoc researcher is also co-founder of UvA spin-off company 3DUniversum, comments on the how and what of this brand-new AI application
07 January, 2022 - NL De Standaard
05 January, 2022 - NL NRC