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Informatics Institute in the media

Researchers and students of the Informatics Institute regularly appear on radio, TV or the internet to present their research and its applications, and to use their expertise to indicate the news. This is an overview of media appearances and articles in newspapers, magazines and other (online) publications.

App with coach guidance motivates elderly people to exercise
Sumit Mehra on excercise behavior for older people with an app combined with normal” exercise lessons and support from a coach.
07 May 2021 - NL Nieuws!voor leefstijlcoaches

New AI initiative uses image data to enhance Amsterdam quality of life
Inske Groenen PhD student of the MultiX research group on training deep learning systems.
4 May 2021 - NL I amsterdam

Detecting Deepfakes
Theo Gevers on the detection of deepfakes as a result of a meeting between Dutch MPs and a fake employee of Navalny.
28 April 2021 - NL Computable
29 April 2021 - NL Het Financieele Dagblad

Is Artificial Intelligence really that intelligent?
Sennay Ghebreab and Marcel Worring substantively talk about the potentially harmful consequences of incorrect use of algorithms and about the enormous possibilities, respectively.
28 April 2021 - NL NTR Atlas (between 0:55-13:30 min.)

Dutch MPs spoke to a fake version of an employee of Navalny
Deepfake expert Theo Gevers about Zoom meeting between Dutch MPs and fake employee Navalny.
24 April 2021 - NL NOS Journaal (between 4:15-6:31 min.)
24 April 2021 - NL NOS
25 April 2021 - NL De Volkskrant

25 April 2021 - NL Trouw

Trust in analytics is crucial
How can we learn to trust algorithms more? According to Professor Sander Klous, transparency and explainability, which are often emphasised, are a smaller factor than user experience: trust comes when we experience the effect of analytics and see the results.
19 April 2021 - NL CMweb

Amsterdam gets data exchange for sharing data
Amsterdam will have a special exchange where companies and institutions can share data. The exchange, called Amsterdam Data Exchange, or AMdEX, should become a neutral place and serve as a kind of...
14 April 2021 - NL RTL nieuws

Removing discriminatory factors from algorithms actually encourages prejudices
KPMG employees Ilya Remmits and Sander Klous, also professor at the Informatics Institute, argue that removing discriminatory factors from algorithms actually encourages prejudice. Using these factors properly, on the other hand, is the solution.
13 April, 2021 - NL Trouw

Restart Startup Village
The whole place is infused with artificial intelligence. The place attracts investors with Maarten de Rijke and Max Welling working nearby .
09 April, 2021 - NL Financieele Dagblad

Deepfakes seem real, but how dangerous are the videos?
Theo Gevers about abuse but also the many positive sides of deep fakes.
03 April, 2021 - NL

Millions of faces have been given away to the Wild West
In this article Sennay Ghebreab discusses the problems with automatic facial recognition in addition to American researchers Deborah Raji and Genevieve Fried.
02 April, 2021- NL NRC

Sennay Ghebreab about algorithms as a mirror of society
In the article 'The government's data greed is provoking new benefits scams' Sennay Ghebreab talks among other things about the influence of the use of positively oriented algorithms and a negative approach to algorithms.
18 March, 2021 - NL Lexisnexis, Follow the Money

Theo Gevers about the increasing application of Deepfake Technology for therapeutic and training purposes
Will we be digitally immortal and can we talk to a deceased person?
02 March, 2021 - NL Trouw
27 February, 2021 - NL Het Financieel Dagblad

Cees de Laat involved in DUSAC project for a secure cloud
Cees de Laat together with various experts from other Dutch universities and institutions, is involved in the multi-disciplinary project Dutch Secure Autonomous Cloud: a Dutch initiative for a secure cloud.
19 February, 2021- NL AG CONNECT

Theo Gevers at Nieuwsuur about deep fakes
Nieuwsuur has an article on the website about the deep fakes  phenomenon and how this technology can change business. One of the experts speaking is Theo Gevers.
17 February , 2021 - NL Nieuwsuur

"This generation of business controllers can shape Big Data"
Organizations are on the way to digital transformation. Directors must be able to rely on analyzes and decisions generated by algorithms. This implies a more challenging role for the business controller according to Sander Klous.
17 February, 2021 - NL Controllers Magazine

Uyghurs do not benefit from inclusive talk at the Amsterdam universities
An opinion article.
11 February, 2021 - NL Het Parool

Max Welling on criticism of AI research
Max Welling asked for his opinion on Stanford professor and entrepreneur Chris Re's argument that the time has come for AI professors to get involved with other types of research than tweaking and fine-tuning artificial intelligence models.
3 February, 2021 - NL AG Connect

Media attention for joining the ESI’s Partner Board by Thales and the PCS research group of the Informatics Institute
1 February, 2021- NL
31 January, 2021 - NL Dutch IT-channel
27 January, 2021 - NL Emerce
27 January, 2021 - EN Bits&Chips
26 January, 2021 - NL link Magazine

An algorithm to make the world fairer
Interview with Sennay Ghebreab at the Podcast NRC Future Affairs. Sennay sees opportunities for social applications of AI to make the world fairer and fairer.
21 January, 2021, Podcast NRC Future Affairs - NL

AI student Janne Spijkervet helps make a music hit
Is it possible for everyone to make a hit with the help of smart algorithms? Klaas van Kruistum of the youth program 'Klaas Kan Alles' tried, with the help of UvA AI student Janne Spijkervet.
16 January, 2021, Klaas kan alles - NL NPO3

Paul Klint appointed  member of the Advisory Board on ICT testing
Computable reports on the appointment of emeritus professor of Software Engineering Paul Klint (UvA-IvI) by the Council of Ministers as a member of the Advisory Board on ICT testing.
11 January, 2021 - NL Computable