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Results: 401 - 420 of 436
Results: 401 - 420 of 436
  • International Conference of Machine Learning
    8 May 2014
    Max Welling and his PhD students have four papers accepted in the International Conference of Machine Learning (ICML) in Beijing.
  • Interview Maarten de Rijke in Vrij Nederland
    8 May 2014
    Maarten de Rijke was interviewed for a recent item on the use of social media by police and intelligence services.
  • Prof Theo Gevers
    Theo Gevers, professor of Computer Vision
    3 Apr 2014
    Prof. T. Gevers (1964) has been appointed professor of Computer Vision at the University of Amsterdam's (UvA) Faculty of Science.
  • Grant from HPC fund
    27 Mar 2014
    Lars Buitinck and Maarten de Rijke obtained a grant from the HPC fund to support the development of xTAS, the extensible text analysis service.
  • Object recognition examples in photos
    Four publications on Computer Vision in world's best conference
    3 Mar 2014
    Four publications on computer vision, by researchers from the Informatics Institute, are accepted by the leading IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR). This is a new Dutch record.
  • Microsoft Research Grant
    26 Feb 2014
    Shimon Whiteson and Maarten de Rijke have been awarded a grant by Microsoft Research as part of the 2014 Microsoft Research PhD Scholarship Programme for their project entitled 'Leveraging Data Reuse for Efficient ...
  • New leadership ISIS
    13 Jan 2014
    As of January 1, Arnold Smeulders is the new head of the ISIS section. He takes over from Marcel Worring, who will focus on his role as director of the Data Science Research Center.
  • P.M.A. Sloot
    Peter Sloot receives grant to set up interdisciplinary institute in Singapore
    8 Jan 2014
    Prof. Peter Sloot (Faculty of Science-Informatics Institute) has received a grant to set up an Institute of Complex Systems in Singapore.
  • Grants voor IvI-researchers
    5 Dec 2013
    KIEM-proposal and eScience grant funded
  • New chair of the Informatics Section of Academia Europaea
    11 Nov 2013
    Prof. J.A. Bergstra, director of the Informatics Institute, has been appointed to be the new chair of the Informatics Section of Academia Europaea. On 15 November 2013 Jan Bergstra will succeed Hermann Maurer (TU ...
  • Valorisation: Google Calendar Entrepreneurship IvI
    7 Nov 2013
    To inform each other on entrepreneurial activities relevant for IvI the Informatics Institute has created a Google calendar.
  • Grant EU-FP7 robotics research project
    7 Oct 2013
    Shimon Whiteson and Maarten van Someren are granted a new EU-FP7 robotics research project.
  • Arnold Smeulders joins Academia Europaea
    26 Sep 2013
    Arnold Smeulders has joined the Academia Europaea (AE). The AE brings together 2800 members from around Europe, Israel and Turkey, with its head office based in London. Arnold will be a member of the informatics ...
  • MediaMill team wins NIST TRECVID video search engine benchmark 4x
    9 Sep 2013
    The MediaMill team participated in the international NIST TRECVID video search benchmark and ranked first for four tasks: concept detection, object localization, concept pair detection and concept detection without ...
  • SIGMM Best PhD Thesis Award 2013
    9 Sep 2013
    Dr. Xirong Li, former PhD student of Cees Snoek, Marcel Worring and Arnold Smeulders has received the ACM SIGMM Best Ph.D. Thesis Award 2013 for his thesis entitled "Content-based visual search learned from social ...
  • HiPEAC 2013 Paper Award
    9 Sep 2013
    The paper "A Scenario-based Run-time Task Mapping Algorithm for MPSoCs", by Wei Quan and Andy Pimentel in the Proc. of the 50th ACM/IEEE Int. Design Automation Conference (DAC '13) was awarded the HiPEAC 2013 Paper ...
  • Marcel Worring board member FINE
    29 Aug 2013
    Marcel Worring has entered the board of the Forensic Intelligence Network of Excellence. FINE is a national platform for professionals in the field of Forensic Intelligence in all of its aspects. Marcel Worring is ...
  • Digital lie detector
    11 Jul 2013
    ILPS-members Daan Odijk and Maarten de Rijke are part of a consortium that obtained a grant from the Stimuleringsfonds voor de Pers to develop a digital lie detector, an environment that helps journalists to ...
  • Top of 25% most downloaded eBooks
    20 Jun 2013
    "Simulating Complex Systems with Cellular Automata"
  • Yahoo! Faculty Research and Engagement awards
    20 Jun 2013
    Yahoo! Faculty Research and Engagement awards for Maarten de Rijke and Max Welling