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Amsterdam Department of Informatics Newsletter

Amsterdam Department of Informatics (ADI) newsletter is a collaboration between the department of Computer Science at VU Amsterdam and UvA's Informatics Institute.

Brecht Schipper

Key features of newsletter

Publication frequency

The newsletter is published every Thursday (with the exception of holidays and summer recess).

Target audience

All staff of the UvA Informatics Institute and VU department of Computer Science. Any other parties are welcome to subscribe.


The newsletter is an internal communication method for the UvA Informatics Institute and VU department of Computer Science. It includes the following regular slots:

  • Scientific news
  • Staff news
  • Organisational news
  • Diary: any events: conferences, lectures and symposia being held that week or in the short future


All items in the newsletter have a headline and subheading of at most two sentences. The item contains text of at most 100 words, preferably including an image. The headline is a public html-hyperlink which links to a message on the Informatics Amsterdam Newsletter website.

Submission of copy

Copy must be received on the Tuesday prior to publication, no later than 17:00. Copy can be sent by email to: All items should be in English. When sending copy, please put the intended week of publication in the subject heading.


Submitted copy must be topical and relevant within a week of publication. Items are generally not repeated and will therefore appear in the newsletter only once. They should be relevant to the institute as a whole and broader in scope. The editorial team has the right to refuse pieces which are not relevant to the institute as a whole.

The emailaddress ii-science may only be used by the owner of the mailing list.

Any questions and/or comments about the newsletter may be sent to