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Results: 381 - 400 of 436
Results: 381 - 400 of 436
  • Interview with Maarten de Rijke in "De Telegraaf".
    27 Nov 2014
    On 12 November 2014 “De Telegraaf” published an interview with Maarten de Rijke on the current status of search engine technology and machine understanding of text, image and audio data.
  • FET Proactive topics for FET Work Programme 2016-17 are under preparation
    27 Nov 2014
    For potential topics for future FET Proactive call and for subscription to the FET Newsletter visit the links below.
  • ERC Grant for Shimon Whiteson
    27 Nov 2014
    Shimon Whiteson will receive an ERC Starting Grant.
  • Improved predictions of queries by search engines
    27 Nov 2014
    Search engines such as Google assist users by predicting what they are looking for when they start typing a query. This type of assistance comes in the form of query auto-completion, e.g., when a user types the ...
  • New colleague ILPS
    19 Nov 2014
    Christophe van Gysel joins ILPS as a PhD student.
  • Interview Christof Monz in Het Parool
    19 Nov 2014
    The 'Het Parool' newspaper published an article covering Christof Monz's research on machine translation together with his postdoc Arianna Bisazza and his PhD student Ke Tran (all three members of ILPS).
  • New Yorker Melange
    UvA researchers win the Multimedia Grand Challenge 2014
    12 Nov 2014
    Jan Zahálka, Stevan Rudinac and Marcel Worring from the Informatics Institute won the Grand Challenge 1st prize award at the ACM Multimedia 2014 with their contribution ‘New Yorker Melange: Interactive Brew of ...
  • UvA Grassroots for ICT Innovation in Education
    3 Nov 2014
    Thomas Mensink and Jan van Gemert have been awarded an UvA Grassroots for their proposal 'Online-PAS: Evaluation of Python Assignments for Scoring and Direct Feedback'. The goal of UvA Grassroots is to use ICT for ...
  • Max Welling awarded NWO grant
    29 Sep 2014
    Together with Laurens van der Maaten (TUD), prof. Max Welling has been awarded a NWO grant for the call 'Natural Artificial Intelligence', titled: 'Learning the Fundamental Symmetries in Video Data'.
  • Object recognition examples in photos
    UvA spin-off company Euvision acquired by Qualcomm
    16 Sep 2014
    Euvision Technologies BV – a spin-off company of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) – has been taken over by Qualcomm, an international market leader in next-generation mobile chips. A specialist in search engine ...
  • Prof Zeno Geradts, professor Forensic Data Science
    Zeno Geradts, professor by special appointment of Forensic Data Science
    10 Sep 2014
    Dr Z.J.M.H. Geradts (1967) has been named professor by special appointment of Forensic Data Science at the University of Amsterdam's (UvA) Faculty of Science. The chair was designated by Stichting Leerstoel ...
  • Hoekstra, Alfons
    Alfons Hoekstra appointed as Professor Computational Biomedicine at ITMO
    14 Aug 2014
    Dr. Alfons Hoekstra (University of Amsterdam, research group SCS) has been appointed as Professor Computational Biomedicine at the national research University Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics ...
  • M. Worring
    Professorship Marcel Worring
    3 Jul 2014
    Marcel Worring has been appointed full professor at the Amsterdam Business School (ABS) on the theme 'Data Science for Business Analytics'.
  • Ethics Committee for Information Sciences
    26 Jun 2014
    The Informatics Institute has taken the initiative to start an Ethics Committee, the ECIS, or Ethics Committee for Information Sciences. The Computer Science department of the VU has recently joined this committee.
  • Workplace exchange UvA-VU Informatics
    26 Jun 2014
    Workplace exchange between the Informatics Institute and the Computer Science department of the VU has now started.
  • P.M.A. Sloot
    Interview with Peter Sloot in het Parool
    24 Jun 2014
    Prof Peter Sloot was interviewed in the science column of het Parool of Saturday 21 June. Here he talks about the science of complexity and the importance of multidisciplinary research and the role of data and ...
  • Cees Snoek in Het Klokhuis
    20 May 2014
    Cees Snoek appeared on the Dutch educational TV show Het Klokhuis in an episode on the Computer Brain.
  • Max Welling awarded NWO grant
    20 May 2014
    Prof Max Welling has been awarded a NWO grant in the "Big Bang, Big Data" call: "Beyond Compressive Sensing: Learning Radio-Interferometric Image Reconstruction".
  • Christof Monz awarded government grant
    20 May 2014
    Christof Monz has been awarded a government grant.
  • Vidi Grants for Shimon Whiteson and Joris Mooij
    20 May 2014
    Shimon Whiteson and Joris Mooij (research group IAS) have been awarded a NWO Vidi Grant.