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Results: 21 - 40 of 436
Results: 21 - 40 of 436
  • Research organisations and commercial parties start work on developing the new Amsterdam Data Exchange
    14 Apr 2021
    AMS-IX, deXes, SURF, the Amsterdam Economic Board and the University of Amsterdam have begun to develop the new Amsterdam Data Exchange (AMdEX): a neutral, non-commercial, digital infrastructure, which will allow ...
  • Marcel Worring, group leader Multimedia Analytics Lab Amsterdam (MultiX).  Photo: Dirk Gilissen
    Tackling multimedia data with AI techniques
    7 Apr 2021
    Marcel Worring, chair of the group: ‘Our group brings multimedia research together in a unique way in the Netherlands and beyond.'
  • Artificial intelligence researchers and master student become entrepreneurs
    25 Mar 2021
    Artificial intelligence must become one of the UvA's spearheads in the coming years. Researchers Harro Stokman, Svetlana Kordumova and master's student Stefan Reuther set up a successful start-up with the help of ...
  • Amsterdam Central Station. Photo: Kees Rutten
    Information Studies Master’s students predict traffic density at public transport stations
    24 Mar 2021
    Controlling crowds has become more important than ever since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Five Master's students in Information Studies worked on behalf of the municipality of Amsterdam to predict the ...
  • Millions for AI knowledge and investment consortium
    23 Mar 2021
    A knowledge and investment consortium made up of a large group of Dutch universities and a venture capitalist has been awarded an €8 million grant to accelerate the application and marketing of innovations in the ...
  • Toon Abcouwer elected president Special Interest Group Education of AIS
    28 Jan 2021
    As of 1 January 2021, UvA lecturer Toon Abcouwer has been elected President-Elect of the Special Interest Group Education of the AIS (Association for Information Systems). This year he is also Conference Chair of the ...
  • UvA Informatics Institute and Thales strengthen ESI open-innovation ecosystem
    25 Jan 2021
    The complexity of the systems produced by the high-tech industry is increasing. This is partly due to the expanding digitalisation of these systems. The high-tech industry is an important pillar for the competitive ...
  • Brains that remain
    4 Jan 2021
    There is a war for talent raging within the field of AI, with young researchers being lured away by big tech companies. Yet there are also talents who consciously choose an academic career. Two professors and two ...
  • Reducing the complexity of financial networks using network embeddings
    Towards new data driven methods for financial audits
    15 Dec 2020
    Recent accounting scandals, for example the Enron (2001) scandal, Petrobras (2014) scandal and the Wirecard (2019) scandal, emphasize the consequences of untrustworthy financial information. Yet, new data driven ...
  • Searching for depth in the conversation about technology
    14 Dec 2020
    At the beginning of March 2021, there is a big fuss among the more fanatical wing of CDA supporters. What is going on? Just before the Dutch Parliamentary elections, charismatic party leader Hugo de Jonge committed a ...
  • H2020 grant for TO_AITON project
    11 Dec 2020
    Dr Rick Quax of the Computational Science Lab and Dr Jos Bosch of the Department of Psychology received an H2020 grant of which they are work package leaders.
  • Master Student AI from UvA wins BEST PAPER AWARD at ECTA 2020
    10 Dec 2020
    Joeri Sleegers, freshly graduated from the Master AI at UvA, received the Best Research Paper Award at ECTA 2020.
  • Somaya Ben Allouch (photo: Kirsten van Santen)
    Somaya Ben Allouch appointed professor by special appointment of Human-System Interaction for Health and Wellbeing
    8 Dec 2020
    Dr Somaya Ben Allouch (1979) has been appointed professor by special appointment of Human-System Interaction for Health and Wellbeing at the Faculty of Science of the University of Amsterdam (UvA), with effect from 1 ...
  • First official sponsor of ELLIS
    3 Dec 2020
    The Amsterdam ELLIS unit has secured a gold sponsorship from Qualcomm Technologies Inc.
  • Paola Grosso Photo Monique Kooijmans
    Humainer AI proposal awarded
    3 Dec 2020
    The proposal 'a HUman and Mathematical Approach to Implementing and Navigating Explainable and Responsible AI' from Paola Grosso has been awarded in the NWO multidisciplinary call Artificial Intelligence Responsible Use.
  • Young Talent awards for five UvA students
    30 Nov 2020
    On November 30, five UvA students received a Young Talent Incentive Award of 500 euros from the Royal Holland Society of Sciences (KHMW).
  • Dance events visitors exhibit movement patterns that show traces of our human hunter-gatherer ancestors
    24 Nov 2020
    Scientists from the University of Amsterdam's Institute for Advanced Study and Informatics Institute investigated movement patterns of visitors of a large dance event in a football stadium in Amsterdam. In Physica A ...
  • Methods known from climate science can make Covid-19 models more robust
    19 Nov 2020
    How reliable are the computer models that governments use to decide which measures they should take to control the Covid-19 pandemic? A team led by chemist and computer scientist Peter Coveney put the British model ...
  • Andy Pimentel (foto: Kirsten van Santen)
    Andy Pimentel appointed professor of Embedded Computer Systems
    17 Nov 2020
    Dr Andy Pimentel (1969) has been appointed professor of Embedded Computer Systems at the University of Amsterdam's Faculty of Science.
  • Sindy Löwe wins KNVI Thesis Prize for Informatica and Informatiekunde
    10 Nov 2020
    Artificial Intelligence alumnus Sindy Löwe has become the winner of the KNVI Thesis Prize for Informatica and Informatiekunde. She receives the prize of 3000 euros for her thesis entitled "Greedy InfoMax for ...