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Results: 21 - 40 of 366
Results: 21 - 40 of 366
  • 14 Feb 2020
    Dr Sebastian Schelter named as head of AIRLab

    Dr Sebastian Schelter has been announced as the first manager of the AIRLab, the joint ICAI-Ahold Delhaize artificial intelligence industry lab, with effect from 1 April 2020. Dr Schelter, currently a Faculty Fellow ...

  • 12 Feb 2020
    Animated movie to encourage girls to get into STEM

    Ani’s Year in the Garden is an animated film about an autonomous gardening robot. The movie aims at encouraging children under 10, especially little girls, to start imagining a career in Science, Technology, ...

  • 5 Feb 2020
    Ana Lucic wins best student paper

    Ana Lucic , PhD student at the information and language processing systems research group, ILPS, has won the best student paper (cs) at the annual FAT* conference in Barcelona last week.

  • 4 Feb 2020
    AIM Lab starts with a grand opening

    The official opening of the AI for Medical Imaging lab (AIM Lab) on Friday 31 January, was performed by Geert ten Dam (President of the Executive Board of the University of Amsterdam), Victor Everhardt (Alderman of ...

  • 29 Jan 2020
    UPIN grant for Paola Grosso

    Increased user insights and control in the operation are essential for the future Internet. Dr. Paola Grosso of the University of Amsterdam’s Informatics Institute has received a grant of 500.000 Euro from NWO to ...

  • 27 Jan 2020
    RIEC Amsterdam invests 1M euro in research: organised crime as a complex system

    The new research project "Computational modelling of criminal networks and value chains” aims to develop novel methods to analyse organised crime, by using a complexity approach.

  • 22 Jan 2020
    Inaugural lecture Alfons Hoekstra

    On 17 January 2020 Alfons Hoekstra held his inaugural lecture, entitled 'Kunnen wij uw toekomst voorspellen?'

  • 15 Jan 2020
    An Idea From Physics Helps AI See in Higher Dimensions

    In 2015, Cohen, a graduate student at the time, wasn’t studying how to lift deep learning out of flatland. Rather, he was interested in what he thought was a practical engineering problem: data efficiency, or how to ...

  • 14 Jan 2020
    Computer model describes essential step of embryonic development

    Computational biologists from the University of Amsterdam have succeeded in making a computer model of one of the most essential steps in the embryonic development of Cnidaria. They modeled the process of ...

  • 7 Jan 2020
    Efstratios Gavves receives NWO grant

    Efstratios Gavves researcher at the Informatics Institute, has received a grant for the software development for autonomous cars. BMW is the other partner of this public-private partnership. € 240,000 has been ...

  • 17 Dec 2019
    NWO grant for Mastering Complexity

    Andy Pimentel of the Systems and Networking Lab receives a grant of the program 'Partnership NWO-domein TTW -ESI: Mastering Complexity (MasCot)'. Parters are ASML, Océ and Philips. The total amount is €570.00 of ...

  • 17 Dec 2019
    Cees Snoek and Henri Bal receive grant for Real-Time Video AI

    Professors Cees Snoek, of the Informatics Institute UvA, and Henri Bal, of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, have received a subsidy of € 750.000 from NWO's Open Technology Programme for their project ‘Real-Time ...

  • 13 Dec 2019
    Amsterdam knowledge institutions invest 1 billion in AI

    The knowledge institutions of Amsterdam have joined forces and are investing 1 billion euros in the development of responsible AI technologies over the next ten years, by setting up research programmes, attracting ...

  • 12 Dec 2019
    Results of the first fast MRI image construction challenge

    The team lead by PhD student Patrick Putzky of the Amsterdam Machine learning Lab (AMLab) of the University of Amsterdam was judged to be one of the strongest performers.

  • 10 Dec 2019
    UvA selected as centre of excellence for the retention of AI talent

    The University of Amsterdam has been selected by the European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS) as an ‘ELLIS Unit’ to keep talent in machine learning and related AI research fields in Europe. ...

  • 10 Dec 2019
    Alfons Hoekstra appointed as director of IvI

    Starting 1 January 2020 Alfons Hoekstra will be the new director of the Informatics Institute (IvI) of the University of Amsterdam. Hoekstra, professor Computational Science and Engineering, succeeds Marcel Worring, ...

  • 21 Nov 2019
    Fireworks Algorithm versus Plant Propagation Algorithm

    'The human brain and the computer’s CPU simply use different protocols', says Daan van den Berg, 'You need to put your idea in Python or Java to make the computer understand what you want it to do. But the inverse is ...

  • 13 Nov 2019
    UvA and TomTom to open new research lab for autonomous driving

    Location technology specialist, TomTom (TOM2), and the University of Amsterdam (UvA), today announced the launch of a new public-private research lab. Atlas Lab will focus on using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for ...

  • 7 Nov 2019
    Bach Speedup is Fake News

    ‘The bad thing about the internet is that everything’s connected these days. Fake news spreads like wildfire’ says Daan van den Berg. ‘So as a classical music lover, when I saw the articles popping up that the music ...

  • 5 Nov 2019
    Peter Coveney (UvA) and Frank van Harmelen (VU) discuss Brexit with Queen Máxima

    Upon arrival at the Trippenhuis on October 30, the queen spoke with Leolani, a robot programmed by VU students, about international exchange of knowledge and cooperation.