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Scientific Large-Scale Infrastructure for Computing/Communication Experimental Studies-preparation project (SLICES-PP) is a project with 25 partners and a budget of €3 million for 4 years. The UvA will receive €303.000 and it will be led by Yuri Demchenko of the Informatics Institute.

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Demchenko, from the CCI (Complex Cyber Infrastructure) group, will coordinate two topics in SLICES-PP, first Research Data Management in the SLICES infrastructure, and secondly SLICES capacity building and career management. As a part of the activities in SLICES-PP, the UvA will also facilitate creating a SLICES-NL community involving Dutch research organizations and universities. The goal is to define the research agenda for SLICES-NL and coordinate efforts to obtain national funding.

Fundamental contribution

SLICES as a European Research Infrastructure aims to make a fundamental contribution to research and innovation in digital sciences and infrastructures, future Internet technologies, future smart networks and services by providing high quality experimentation services with emerging technologies around the area of digital sciences.

Beneficial for other domains

The new research infrastructure will allow academics and industry to experiment and test future, possibly disruptive digital technologies, essential for European research. This infra structure can be beneficial for other scientific and engineering domains, such as smart cities, energy, green technologies and healthcare.

SLICES-PP will coordinate the preparatory stage to build the future SLICES Research Infrastructure for Digital Technologies experimentation. The project was submitted by consortium of 25 research institutions and centers from 15 countries.

SLICES-RI (Research Infrastructure) is included in the ESFRI Roadmap 2021 as a new RI for digital technologies experimentation, together with other already existing RI and e-Infrastructures.