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In a blog ‘Meet the residents’ on the website of LAB42 Evangelos Kanoulas of the Informatics Institute talks about his research and, a start-up he founded together with Efstratios Gavves.

Evangelos Kanoulas

Immunotherapy has the potential to cure cancer. But it is an expensive treatment that sometimes has unpleasant side effects and is only effective in 30 per cent of cases. Can AI help? Computer scientist Evangelos Kanoulas works as an associate professor at the Informatics Institute, as well as at the UvA Business School – and he recently founded the start-up Ellogon.AI in order to study this topic.

The goal of the start-up is to develop an algorithm that will help pathologists predict whether a certain form of immunotherapy will be effective for cancer patients. The therapy only works in 30 per cent of cases. A better ability to predict whether the therapy will be worthwhile can save a patient the disappointment of an ineffective therapy that sometimes has major side effects. 

Read more on the website of LAB42.