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On Friday 26th of June, members of the Informatics Institute and ILLC met virtually to discuss the educational landscape.

Paola Grosso and Jacobijn Sandberg

First different possible educational scenarios were discussed in separate groups who reported back their main conclusions during a plenary session. Many inspiring thoughts were thus shared on making our education more flexible, more scalable, and more sustainable.

New ideas
During a second session the groups discussed their preferred "ideal future educational landscape". Some pretty new ideas came to pass, like a "computer science program for all"- addressing a much wider audience, or co-designing courses by members of IvI and ILLC, or creating two-step master programs, allowing students to expand a one-year program to a two-year program wit a heavy research focus in the second year.

Lively and heated
The afternoon led to lively discussions and even at times some heated debates. People from different institutes, educational programs and research groups, mingled and got acquainted. The organizers and chairs of the meeting, Paola Grosso (director Graduate School of Informatics) and Jacobijn Sandberg (director College of Informatics), will integrate all discussion outcomes into a report to share with all staff.