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Ani’s Year in the Garden is an animated film about an autonomous gardening robot. The movie aims at encouraging children under 10, especially little girls, to start imagining a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) for themselves through storytelling, fiction and film.

Ani's year in the garden © University of Edinburgh
Trimbot Ani's year in the garden

The TrimBot2020 is the world’s first outdoor garden trimming robot. Through robotic and 3D computer vision innovations, the pioneering TrimBot2020 navigates over varying terrain and is able to approach rose bushes and boxwood topiary, trimming them to an ideal shape.

Computer Vision

The EC funded TrimBot2020 is a project  in which the Computer Vision group participates with Theo Gevers (PI), Anil Baslamisli, Hoang-An Le, Sezer Karaoglu and Fares Alnajar.

Inspired by our real life pioneering computer vision research project TrimBot2020, which produced the world’s first autonomous gardening robot last year, the film tells the story of a young girl Ani, her computer scientist mum and her new robot GR8. Ani absolutely loves the garden, it is her favorite place in the world and with the help of her mum she learns, through pictures, how to create code for GR8, that enables him to tend to the garden and even - just like film’s most beloved gardener, Edward Scissorhands! -  cut hedges into the shape of dinosaurs!