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Anthi Symeonidou, data science master student at the UvA, won the best poster award at SEMANTiCS 2019. This was a joint project of the University of Amsterdam (Paul Groth, INDElab) in collaboration with Elsevier (Viachaslau Sazonau).
Anthi Symeonidou best poster award
Anthi Symeonidou (second on the right) © SEMANTiCS 2019

In the Pharmaceutical and Drug Safety domain, a lot of money and time is invested on drug discovery and health treatment every year. Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) cause a significant number of deaths worldwide and billions of dollars are spent yearly to treat people who had an ADR from a prescribed drug. Anthi Symeonidou with Prof. Paul Groth and Viachaslau Sazonau have applied a machine learning approach which identifies ADRs and achieves substantially better results than previous approaches.

Adverse drug reactions

Transfer Learning for Biomedical Named Entity Recognition with BioBERT the title of the paper. In this project a transfer learning approach is applied to ADR recognition on three biomedical datasets and being compared with traditional approaches, such as dictionary, conditional random fields and BiLSTM. The main contribution is empirical and shows that transfer learning method based on BioBERT can achieve considerably higher performance in recognizing ADRs than traditional methods. The results suggest that transfer learning based on transformer architecture is a promising approach to addressing the lack of training data in biomedical Information Extraction.


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