About the Informatics Institute

The mission of the Institute is to perform curiosity driven and use-inspired fundamental research in Computer Science. The research in the institute involves complex information systems at large, with a focus on Collaborative, Data Driven, Computational and Intelligent Systems, all with a strong interactive component.

Prof Marcel Worring, professor Data Science for Business Analytics

Prof. M. (Marcel) Worring Director Informatics Institute

We prefer to select specific topics and pursue them from methods in informatics and engineering, rather than to make a choice for fundamental versus engineering science. As part of the research mission, the Institute maintains strategic multi-disciplinary research links both inside and outside the University of Amsterdam.

Research sections

The Informatics Institute is structured in 8 research sections plus a Lecturers group and a ICT Support group:


  • AMLAB: Amsterdam Machine Learning Lab - Prof. M. (Max) Welling;
  • ILPS: Information and Language Processing Systems - Prof. M. (Maarten) de Rijke);
  • ISIS: Intelligent Sensory Information Systems - Prof. C.G.M. (Cees) Snoek);
  • CV: Computer Vision - Prof. Th. (Theo) Gevers);
  • CSL: Computational Science Lab - Prof. A.G. (Alfons) Hoekstra;
  • TCS: Theory of Computer Science - Dr A. (Alban) Ponse).
  • FCN: Federated Collaborative Networks - Prof. H. (Hamideh) Afsarmanesh);
  • SNE Lab: System and Network Engineering Lab - Prof. C.T.A.M. (Cees) de Laat);
  • LG: Lecturers group - H.L. (Hans) Dekkers MSc;
  • ICT Support group - Dr R.G. (Rob) Belleman.


Published by  IVI

29 January 2018