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Max Welling, professor of Machine Learning at the University of Amsterdam, is among a group of European leading scientists with plans to establish a vast multinational institute devoted to world-class artificial intelligence (AI) research. The European Lab for Learning and Intelligent Systems (Ellis) will nurture top research talent in the field, with the aim to retain AI specialists in Europe.

Image: Pixabay

Ellis will have major centres in a handful of countries, including in the Netherlands. Each centre will employ hundreds of computer engineers, mathematicians and other scientists with the express aim of keeping Europe at the forefront of AI-research.

This week, Ellis was mentioned in several European news outlets, including The Guardian, Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung, as well as Dutch media such as Financieel Dagblad and BNR.

AI-hotspot at Amsterdam Science Park

The initiative reinforces the plans for creating an AI-hotspot for education, research and entrepreneurship at Amsterdam Science Park, providing an enormous boost to collaboration between Amsterdam’s knowledge and research institutions and the business community within this growing market.

UvA and the City of Amsterdam commit to Artificial Intelligence hub at Amsterdam Science Park