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Informatics Institute in the media

Researchers and students of the Informatics Institute regularly appear on radio, TV or the internet to present their research and its applications, and to use their expertise to indicate the news. This is an overview of media appearances and articles in newspapers, magazines and other (online) publications.


Maarten de Rijke in Innovation Origins

How the Netherlands wants to accelerate the development of AI applications.


Launch of the Amsterdam unit of ELLIS in the media

About the virtual start of the European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS) with 30 units in Europe.


Sander Klous in

Sander Klous: 'AI is interesting, difficult and complex, but as a business controller you can shape it'.


Maarten de Rijk in Computable

De Rijke explains why it is important to lift the numerus fixus for the bachelor Artificial Intelligence.


Media attention for DReaMS Lab, a new lab of VU & UvA with Huawei

DReaMS Lab: the next generation of search technology

The DReaMS Lab is a collaboration between the Computational Lexicology & Terminology Lab (CLTL, Prof. dr. Piek Vossen) and the Knowledge Representation and Reasoning group (KRR, Prof. dr. Frank van Harmelen), both at VU Amsterdam; the Information and Language Processing Systems at the UVA (Prof. dr. Maarten de Rijke) and the Huawei Consumer Business Group, a world leading provider of cloud services for customers. At full strength, the DREAMS Lab will employ up to nine people (PostDocs and PhD students).


An opinion piece by Max Welling in De Volkskrant

Don't be afraid of a more extensive corona app.


Max Welling in The TWIML AI Podcast

Neural Augmentation for Wireless Communication. Welling discusses his work with federated learning and incorporating the technology on devices to give users more control over the privacy of their personal data. He also shares his thoughts on quantum mechanics and the future of quantum neural networks for chip design.
The TWIML AI Podcast (formerly This Week in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence).


Sander Klous in Het Financieele Dagblad

Eliminating racist algorithms comes at the expense of privacy, an opinion piece by Sander Klous and Nart Wielaard. The renewed racism debate has also put the fairness of algorithms into question. But this fight against discrimination can conflict with the right to privacy.


Theo Gevers in De Volkskrant

Face masks present a new challenge for automatic face recognition. About the lack of enough images to train the deep learning models and unlocking a mobile phone with facial recognition.


Sennay Ghebreab in FunX

Ghebreab talks about the importance of training algorithms with representative data.


Sennay Ghebreab in Science|Business

EU struggles to go from talk to action on artificial intelligence. Ghebreab says ‘The dominating topics are ethics and privacy and this could lead us away from discussing the benefits that AI can bring.’