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Theory of Computer Science

Theory of Computer Science

The Theory of Computer Science group, led by Alban Ponse, is concerned with the development of theoretical foundations of computer science, based on logic and mathematics.

The aim is to seek greater understanding of fundamental computational techniques and their inherent limitations. The emphasis is not only on the abstract aspects of computing, but also on the application of theory in the field of computer science.

The focus is on developing theory and tools in the field of algebraic specification which can be used to specify, analyse, and verify concurrent communicating and programmed systems.

Website Theory of Computer Science

dr. A. (Alban) Ponse

Group leader

Qualitative Reasoning group

Bert Bredeweg leads a subgroup on Qualitative Reasoning, that focuses on the development tools and expertise that supports the acquisition of a conceptual understanding of dynamic systems through conceptual modelling and simulation. The two most notable applications of this technology are in science education and science.

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dr. B. (Bert) Bredeweg

Group leader