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Intelligent Sensory Information Systems

Intelligent Sensory Information Systems

The Intelligent Sensory Information Systems research group, led by Cees Snoek, considers visual information in its many aspects. Research ranges from the perceptual and cognitive processes involved in understanding visual information, methods for learning and indexing the semantics of visual information automatically, methods for the presentation of and interaction with large visual collections and computer vision methods for human computer interaction.

The world is full of digital images and videos. In this deluge of visual information, the grand challenge is to unlock its content. This quest is the central research aim of the Intelligent Sensory Information Systems group. We address the complete knowledge chain of image and video retrieval by machine and human.

Topics of study are semantic understanding, image and video mining, interactive picture analytics, and scalability. Our research strives for automation that matches human visual cognition, interaction surpassing man and machine intelligence, visualization blending it all in interfaces giving instant insight, and database architectures for extreme sized visual collections.

Our research culminates in state-of-the-art image and video search engines which we evaluate in leading benchmarks, often as the best performer, in user studies, and in challenging applications.

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prof. dr. C.G.M. (Cees) Snoek

Group leader