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Ben Czaja researcher at the Computaional Science Lab studied how whole blood forms clots (thrombosis) in aneurysms that can be found in the brain.

Image Ben Czaja

Thrombosis is the human body's natural response to occlude or close aneurysms which may prevent them from rupturing. This study focuses on how the cells in blood, red blood cells and platelets, are transported into simple aneurysm-like geometries. Ben and his colleagues tracked the motions and interactions of the individual cells as they enter and get trapped inside the aneurysm using a cell resolved computational model for whole blood.

As a result the HemoCell2D code is now open source

The research article Cell-resolved blood flow simulations of saccular aneurysms: effects of pulsatility and aspect ratio by Benjamin Czaja, Gabor Zavodszky, Victor Azizi, and Alfons Hoekstra was published in the Journal of the Royal Open society Interface.

Cell-resolved blood flow simulations of saccular aneurysms