Dutch Nao Team wins Open Challenge at Iran Open 2017

11 April 2017

The Nao Team of the Informatics Institute's Intelligent Robotics Lab won the Open Challenge at last week's Iran Open 2017 with a demonstration of their Behaviour Engine. Bachelor's and Master's students Artificial Intelligence demonstrated how the robots can adjust their behaviour to observations on the football field.

The Iran Open 2017 took place from 5-7 April at Teheran's international trade centre. More than 250 teams from 11 countries took part in the competition.

Since 2010 the Dutch Nao Team has been active in the Robocup. The Intelligent Robotics Lab, a collaboration of robotics researchers in Amsterdam, founded by Arnoud Visser, is their home base.

UvA delegation

The Dutch Nao Team was represented at the Iran Open 2017 by the following students from the University of Amsterdam: Caitlin Lagrand, S√©bastien Negrijn, Patrick de Kok, Michiel van der Meer, Douwe van der Wal, Pieter Kronemeijer en Ozzy √úlger.

Published by  Faculty of Science