Cooperation Blendle and University of Amsterdam

5 July 2016

Maarten de Rijke and Isaac Sijaranamual of the Informatics Institute at the UvA start a research project with online media supplier Blendle. The private and academic parties will cooperate in an exploratory manner, initially for half a year. The project is financed by NWO’s KIEM programme.

Blendle, sometimes refered to as the iTunes of journalism, is an innovator in the media landscape. The young company has introduced a new model for providing access to hundreds of newspapers and magazines on a per article basis. To improve their services Blendle now starts an exploratory cooperation with the UvA as academic partner. Together with De Rijke and Sijaranamual they will work on optimizing Blendle’s search and recommendation facilities. In particular, the collaboration will use state-of-the-art methods for mining knowledge graphs and for online evaluation to improve the findability of Blendle’s articles. 

About Maarten de Rijke and Isaac Sijaranamual

Maarten de Rijke is a full professor in Information Processing and Internet at UvA’s Informatics Institute. He is also scientific director of Amsterdam Data Science. Isaac Sijaranamual is a scientific developer in De Rijke’s team.


The NWO programme Creative Industry – KIEM aims to strengthen the ties between research institutes and private parties in creative sector. With the help of KIEM-financing, consortia of at least one researcher from a research institute and one representative of a company, can start a (long-term) cooperation.

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