Zhaochun Ren wins Chinese Government Award

29 March 2016

Zhaochun Ren, PhD candidate at the UvA Informatics Institute, has been awarded the ‘2016 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad’. He receives the award for his PhD research on information retrieval under the supervision of professor Maarten de Rijke.

Ren joined Prof. Maarten de Rijke’s research team in 2012 to work as a PhD student within the project ‘Semantic Search for E-Discovery’, a project funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research. Within this project he is responsible for research on modeling and tracking topics in social media. Zhaochun Ren: ‘I am currently a fourth year PhD student and still have to finish my PhD, but this is definitely a highlight in my research career so far.’ 

Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad

To honor overseas Chinese students with outstanding academic accomplishments, the Chinese government set up this award for outstanding self-financed students abroad in 2003. The winners are selected through a highly competitive process of evaluation of their work, involving assessment both by invited experts from their research fields in their host country and in China. The prize amount for this award is $6,000, sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

This year, the award has been presented to 500 Chinese PhD students pursing their studies abroad, across all disciplines, including 11 PhD students studying in the Netherlands. On 14 April the award ceremony will be held at the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands.

Published by  Faculty of Science