NWO TOP-funding for five Faculty of Science researchers

26 January 2016

Five researchers of the Faculty of Science were awarded funding from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) as part of the NWO TOP-programme. They are: Carsten Dominik and Selma de Mink (Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy), Maarten de Rijke (Informatics Institute), Han Peters and Mingming Shen (Kortweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics).

The NWO TOP funding for Exact Sciences are awarded at two levels. Level 1 is for senior researchers in astronomy, information studies, mathematics or a combination thereof (multi-disciplinary) with a proven track record in the last decade. This funding finances 2-to-3 temporary research positions. Level 2 is meant for young researchers who, at the beginning of their scientific career, already are considere top of their field. This award allows for the funding of one temporary research position.    

In total, €5.8 million has been awarded as part of the NWO TOP programme for the Exact Sciences.

Faculty of Science awards

Level 1

Herbig Ae/Be stars: Rosetta stone for understanding the formation of planetary systems
Prof. dr. C. (Carsten) Dominik

Contextual Learning to Rank for Information Retrieval
Prof. dr. M. (Maarten) de Rijke

Level 2

Massive Binary Mergers: Their long term Evolution and Exotic Final Transients
Dr. S. E. (Selma) De Mink

Non-wandering domains in higher dimensions
Dr. H. (Han) Peters

Geometry of hyperkähler manifolds
Dr. M. (Mingming) Shen

Source: NWO

Published by  Faculty of Science