Innovation Award for Shabaz Sultan and Simon Portegies Zwart

25 November 2015

UvA Master's student in Computational Science Shabaz Sultan and Leiden University Professor Simon Portegies Zwart have won a Surf Innovation Challenge Award for their research into 'Interactive high-performance laboratory for Chaos'.

Vincent Icke, Professor at Leiden University and Professor by special appointment at the University of Amsterdam helped with the pitch for the jury. The prize involves €10.000, for the development and testing of the product or service in 6 months time.

The winning proposal 

Shabaz Sultan and Simon Portegies Zwart propose an innovative approach in getting answers from numerical models. For this, they develop an interactive and flexible software environment. This combination makes it possible to learn in a unique way what really happens in a supercomputer during a scientific calculation.

Published by  Faculty of Science