Funding for UvA eScience projects

11 December 2015

Two projects, submitted by Alfons Hoekstra and Mike Lees of the UvA Informatics Institute, are granted funding and expertise of the Netherlands eScience Center (NLeSC). The projects are awarded up to the value of €500.000 and are scheduled to start in 2016. The NLeSC also announced to fund a strategic partnership with UvA professor Sander Klous about the detection of anomalous behavior in stadium crowds in the Amsterdam Arena.

The awarded projects

  • DynaSlum: Data Driven Modeling and Decision Support for Slums, Dr Mike Lees, Computational Science Lab
    In Dynaslum Michael Lees and Peter Sloot aim to build high-resolution agent-based models that can describe the growth dynamics of slums in Bangalore. Such a model will create a virtual slum that decision-makers, and researchers, can use to explore how different policies would influence the growth, development or contraction of slums. This involves developing new computational methods for analyzing satellite images and new data visualisation techniques for simulation steering. 
  • Enhancing Multiscale Computing with Sensitivity Analysis and Uncertainty Quantification (e-MUSC), Professor Alfons Hoekstra, Computational Science Lab
    In e-MUSC Professor Hoekstra plans to develop generic methods and efficient algorithms for sensitivity analysis and uncertainty quantification for multiscale modelling & simulation.  The methods will be tested, validated and applied on a sufficiently large portfolio of multiscale applications. Both research and development will be executed in close collaboration with the Horizon 2020 FET-HPC ComPat project.

Strategic partnership

Next to the open calls, the NLeSC sets up strategic alliances whenever a gap in expertise or strategic need for collaboration develops. The following strategic partnership was announced:

  • Detecting anomalous behavior in stadium crowds with location analytics based on data collected with WiFi and Bluetooth sensors in the Amsterdam Arena, Prof. Sander Klous

The Netherlands eScience Center

The Netherlands eScience Center is tasked with coordinating a collaborative scientific programme, working with both academia and industry. The NLeSC receives an annual budget from NWO and SURF, the majority of which is provided to Dutch academics as subsidy in the form of cash and the provision of eScience Research Engineers.

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