University of Amsterdam spin-off Scyfer receives FICHe funding

11 August 2015

Scyfer, a spin-off company from the University of Amsterdam, has received €217,000 of funding as part of the European FICHe ehealth acceleration programme. The company will use the funding to bring its self-learning data platform for the analysis of medical imaging to market.

Scyfer was co-founded by Max Welling, Professor of Machine Learning at the Informatics Institute. The company, which specialises in machine learning and artificial intelligence applications, was selected for the funding by the FICHe application committee from among 300 European candidates. The committee recognizes the added value of Scyfer's technology in improving the quality of health care and reducing costs. 

Analysis of medical imaging

Smart algorithms have caused a breakthrough in the automatic recognition of patterns in images. Scyfer applies these algorithms in the identification of abnormalities in medical images. The algorithms are self-learning in their predictions by using large sets of examples. In cooperation with the Amsterdam Medical Center, Scyfer has (amongst others) developed a solution for the recognition of brain damage in 3D MRI scans of HIV patients. Watch an explanation of this technology by the Scyfer team in the video below:

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Improved quality of care, reduced costs

Scyfer's technology allows medical specialists to come to a diagnosis earlier and more easily. This happens on the one hand by highlighting abnormalities, allowing the physician to reach a conclusion faster, and on the other hand by filtering out images that don't show any abnormalities. This way, the medical specialist can focus attention on the more complex cases and ensure accurate and timely care for these patients.

Growing market

The demand for analysis of medical imaging will continue to grow worldwide in years to come, due to ageing populations and improved medical protocols. The FICHe funding allows Scyfer to broaden the possibilities of its data analysis platform and launch its product in an international market.

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