Intelligent Robotics Lab wins prize for flying drones

23 April 2013

In April the Informatics Institute participated with two teams of the Intelligent Robotics Lab in the RoboCup Iran Open. Both teams were successful, with one of them winning the Technical Challenge Autonomy.

The Dutch Nao Team let humanoid robots play football and the team Maneki-Neko let unmanned aerial systems perform different types of missions such as following lines, avoiding obstacles and flying through windows. The Technical Challenge Autonomy is a separate competition, which emphasizes autonomy for flying systems. The challenge consisted of following a curved line autonomously. For this challenge, Maneki-Neko was the only team of the eleven participating teams, who could perform this challenge fully autonomously and, therefore, was the winner of the Technical Challenge Autonomy.



The participation in the RoboCup Iran Open Competitions is a result of a collaboration with a number of Dutch institutes: National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR), NHL University of Applied Sciences (NHL) and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft).

The aim of this collaboration is to jointly participate in the International Micro Aerial Vehicle (IMAV) competitions. This is an international competition with different types of missions to stimulate research towards specific applications for flying systems. The aim of this collaboration is to exchange useful knowledge in order to jointly research and develop better applications.

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