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Information and Language Processing Systems

Led by Maarten de Rijke, the Information and Language Processing Systems research group combines research on information retrieval, language technology, semi-structured data and result presentation in order to identify semantically meaningful information in large volumes of online content.

Our research is aimed at intelligent information access, especially in the face of massive amounts of information. We work on finding and analyzing content (information retrieval, machine translation, language technology), the analysis of structural information (social networks, linked data) and the analysis of user behavior (self-learning search, log analysis, user studies).

We combine fundamental, experimental and applied research, and we do so using a broad range of textual data, data from the web or enterprises, edited or user generated, or obtained from (automatic) transcriptions of audio or video. We are involved in a large number of projects with other groups, both within and outside academia. Our research is funded by NWO, KNAW, the EU and through a range of public-private partnerships.

Website Information and Language Processing Systems research group

prof. dr. M. (Maarten) de Rijke

Group leader