Information and Language Processing Systems

Search engines are now being created that address such requests in an intelligent way. The theory behind search engines is being developed, leading to search engines that learn to adapt themselves online, while users are interacting with them.

An increasingly important development is the availability of large amounts of social and user generated content on the web. Such content stimulates an ambition to develop retrieval models able to search and analyse subjective information. Blogs, discussion forums and streams of tweets or user-contributed comments to news events or cultural artefacts all form rich sources of reports of personal experiences and opinions. They allow us to track, explain and even predict people's online behaviour.

Led by Maarten de Rijke, the group works on information and language processing systems; the group combines research on information retrieval, language technology, semi-structured data and result presentation in order to identify semantically meaningful information in large volumes of online content.

Published by  IVI

11 May 2016