Sebastian Altmeyer receives Best Paper Award at RTCSA 2018

12 September 2018

Sebastian Altmeyer, assistant professor of the Systems and Network Lab of the Informatics Institute, is one of the three authors of the paper 'EMPRESS: an Efficient and effective Method for PREdictable Stack Sharing'.

The paper presents a novel mechanism for Operating Systems used within embedded real-time devices. These are computer systems embedded in our mobile phones and household appliances, but also in our cars, airplanes and trains. The mechanism targets the management of tasks and their stack data at runtime, and combines the predictability of a dedicated stack implementation with the performance of shared stacks. It thus makes embedded real-time computers cheaper and more reliable at the same time.

The authors of the paper are Sebastian Altmeyer, Assistant Professor University of amsterdam, Reinder Bril, Associate Professor TU Eindhoven, Paolo Gai, CEO and Co-Founder of EVIDENCE SRL, a vendor for real-time operating systems.

Published by  IVI