IvI board perspective on the move

16 March 2017

The intended move offers the opportunity to realize our ambitious plans related to Informatics and to develop into a leading institute providing education for a variety of target groups and conducting world-class research.

Points of concern of the IvI board for the intended move to the NU building are:

  • IvI will have the same total amount of m²as we have at the moment plus anticipated growth. Sufficient amount of closed offices and personal desks. 100 work spaces for master students of UvA and VU which are missing in the current situation.
  • Maintaining the same quality of support systems (education, research and administration) and IT and lab infrastructure.
  • Moving of all programs (bachelor and master) except minor programming to the NU building.
  • Visibility of the UvA identity (e.g. logo on the NU-building).
  • Sufficient temporary (related to the move) and structural budget for building up and maintaining a top institute for education and research.


Published by  IVI