Interview with Prof. Peter Sloot

7 March 2017

Prof. Peter Sloot was interviewed by ‘de Volkskrant’ on democracy and the elections.

Computer scientist and simulation expert Peter Sloot would like to reduce the gap between citizens and politics.

How can you reduce the distance between politics and society? Introduce a political conscription, is the advice of Peter Sloot for “Kenniscafé”.

Sloot is scientific director of the Institute for Advanced Study, the IAS in Amsterdam, but also informal adviser to the “Solvers”. This journalism initiative gathers suggestions for urgent issues of hundreds of scientists. Coming Monday, March 13th, two days before the Dutch elections, the project for a better democracy is one of the components of the Kenniscafé (knowledge café) at the Balie.

Recently, the jury chose a suggestion of VU environmental Aysem Mert to the best proposal: promote democracy, especially close to home. Far from The Hague. At school, work, home.

“The problem is that the voters do not act rationally. There is much to improve”.

“If the gap between citizens and politics is a problem, we must ensure that all citizens can identify themselves in the MPs. That can be done by appointing a delegate for each type of citizen. Let people follow a training in political craft and sit there for two or three years. Paid, neatly arranged. "

Published by  IVI