VU CS: LOD Laundromat awarded 3rd place in European LOD Award competition

29 September 2015

During the annual Semantics Conference in Vienna (Semantics Vienna 2015) the LOD Laundromat was awarded the 3rd place in the European LOD Award competition. The 1st place went to the OpenPHACTS organization.

The LOD Laundromat  is a platform that cleans, harmonizes and republishes Linked Open Data (LOD). Over the last 15 years many people have tried to clean Linked Open Datasets on a one-at-a-time basis. The LOD Laundromat takes a radically different approach. It cleans the entire LOD Cloud in days not decades.

The LOD Laundromat currently serves more than 38,000,000,000+ triples from over 650,000+ datasets in a single, uniform and standards-compliant format for others to use. Besides cleaning and (re)publishing the entire LOD Cloud, the LOD Laundromat also provides a wealth of state-of-the-art Web Services for querying, finding, and browsing its enormous LOD collection. For instance, all 650,000+ datasets can be queried online using the Linked Data Fragments (LDF) approach. What is Open PHACTS? The Open PHACTS Discovery Platform brings together data from multiple publicly available sources of pharmacological and physicochemical information, in order to streamline research and drug discovery processes. It uses semantic technologies at its core. VU CS was a key technical contributed to the project. 

Published by  IVI