COMMIT/ valorisation grant for VideoStoryXL proposal

20 April 2015

Researchers Amirhossein Habibian, Thomas Mensink and Cees Snoek of the Informatics Institute have received a COMMIT/ valorisation grant in collaboration with the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and Videodock. The aim of the project is to enable access to the archive of Dutch televsion broadcasts.

Large media archives reflect our collective experiences

Journalists, humanity researchers and other media professionals sweep these archives to create new stories, to explicate news or to show novel perspectives. One of the grand challenges of computer vision is to unlock these video archives by translating pixels to the story told by videos.

In this project, the recently developed VideoStory algorithm of the researchers will be used to assign textual labels to broadcast fragments and add these to the search engine of Sound and Vision and the video player of Videodock. The VideoStory algorithm was recently awarded the best paper award at the ACM International Conference on Multimedia.


Published by  IVI